How Much Security Do I Need For My Event?


Hiring security guards for your event is an excellent way to cover liabilities, detect and deter crime. Security guards can protect people and property, as well as keep crowds under control and manage cash and valuables.

Levels of security range from patrol and entry access to armed protection. You can determine what type and how many safety guards you’ll need depending on the type and size of the event. In the end it really comes down to crowd range, general behaviour of your audience and personal preference. We’ve created an outline of the different security services offered, and guard to guest ratios for you to explore which type of protection fits your needs.



Types of Event Security


A bodyguard is the best option for specialised, personal protection. If there is one or a few people in particular you’re looking to guard, this type of security may be best.

Crowd Control

Crowd controllers can direct the flow of traffic and remedy any situation that arises with regards to unruly behaviour. This type of security would serve outdoor events, festivals and concerts.


These security guards can be positioned near entrances and exits, as well as around barriers and stages within the venue.

Mobile Patrol

For protection on the go, a mobile patrol unit is a smart idea. A guard moves by powered transport (car, motorcycle, Segway, bicycle) between various establishments or locations. This type of security is a great way to guard against theft and vandalism on a wider scale if your event takes place across multiple platforms. Mobile patrol officers can also manage parking queries and traffic.

Armed Guards

For most events, officers carrying weapons aren’t necessary. Think about the possible threat level and keep in mind the history of violence in the surrounding area. Contact local authorities to get familiar with the surroundings.

Number of Guards Per Event

Generally, you can determine how many security guards you’ll need based on the crowd size. The capacity of your space is also an important factor in determining how many security officers to hire. Remember that when alcohol or illegal substances could be present, more security is always a good idea.

1 Guard

For events comprising of 10 or less people, only one security should be necessary.

2-5 Guards

A handful of guards, at most, should be sufficient for 10-50 guests.

5-15 Guards

For events with 50-250 participants in attendance, you’ll need adequate help keeping things under control.

15-30 Guards

Big happenings can equate to big problems. If you’re expecting 250-1000 people at your gathering, be sure you can protect them if things go awry.

Once you’ve identified what type of protection you need, you can begin researching security companies in your area. Sit down for a briefing with the proposed security team to verify qualifications and outline your general security plan; in addition, it’s wise to draft up an emergency response strategy.

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