Safety First: Minimise Hazards With Barriers at Events


So you’ve decided to host an event – great! But what precautions will you take to ensure the wellbeing of your staff and guests?


When it comes to crowds, barriers can be one of the best lines of defense in minimising possible hazards. Barriers from the fencing hire industry have long been used in fields ranging from residential to construction, as well as demolition. Today, barriers are widely used for event management with a variety of purposes including advertising, designating crowd areas and for general control over where your guests can go. In addition, not only do barriers protect patrons inside the event, barriers also save money by keeping non-paying participants out.

Barriers are an affordable precaution that be ordered and set up quickly and efficiently. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of what to look for when choosing barriers for your next event.

Hand Welded Material

If you’re going to rent a barrier, you want to make sure it’s strong enough to serve its purpose. A sturdy, hand welded barrier is durable, and will deliver the most reliable results.

Galvanised Coating

Galvanisation is the process in which a zinc coating is added to prevent corrosion. The thickness of galvanisation is measured in microns; we recommend your barrier be at least 42 microns. A hot dipped, galvanised finish will ensure your barrier is made to last – and wont be susceptible to breaking when you need it the most.

Lightweight Frames

You don’t want to be liable for any workplace injuries. If you and your team will be stacking or moving crowd control barriers, get ones with frames that are easy-to-lift (yet study enough to get the job done).


The crowd control barrier(s) you choose should comprise an interlocking system. This keeps each structure connected and firmly in place, minimising risk. At the same time, an interlocking system can be set up and taken down quickly, with ease.

Removable, Flat Foot Design

Purchasing or hiring removable flat feet works has two benefits. First of all, removable flat feet make the storage of barriers much more convenient when it comes to smaller spaces. Secondly, a removable flat foot design prevents the public from tripping over them (as opposed to claw feet design). Remember that the goal is to keep your guests safe, and by hiring crowd control barriers with flat feet, you prevent this potential hazard for happening.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Often, one of the first things patrons will notice upon entering an event is the fencing. To ensure the energy you’ve put in to creating an amazing event isn’t wasted, don’t overlook the details – ensure your barriers fit in with the look and feel of your event. Crowd control barriers can come in a variety of powder-coated color options. Different shapes and sizes are also available, so have a chat with a temporary fencing provider to figure out which type is right for you.

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