Crowd control barriers for construction and demolition

The industry is a high user of sub-contractors, who require a high level of site security for plant and other equipment. We continually supply the Industrial and Commercial construction industry with our crowd control barriers. Using our construction fencing ensures compliance industry  standards, and current occupational health & safety regulations.

  • Customized Shade cloths can feature your logo on site. This promotes your business, offers privacy and provides public protection from dust and debris.
  • For highly public places Optimized for building and construction sites, civil engineering projects or demolition sites, our barricades safe the public.
  • Cost-effective Unless you only need fencing for a one-off event, hiring costs accumulate to be more expensive than having your own
  • Ready for action Owning a certified safe crowd control barrier means your equipment will be ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Demolition and Construction

Generally the demolition companies are the first contractors on site, especially in the inner cities and suburbs, where reclaiming land is the first step of constructing new buildings. Therefore it needs the most robust safety barriers.

Also dusk and debris control is demanded by local government as it is important for the public safety. We offer commercial grade shade cloth for the demolition industry. The shade cloth is designed for easy fixing onto our construction fencing and complies with the local government dust control regulations.

Besides the dust control, printed shade cloth can be used as marketing screen to advertise your company, for Example with Logo and slogan.

Local governments legislate for protecting hazardous empty buildings from unauthorised access. To avoid infringements, companies need to secure their construction sites. We can supply the highest quality temporary fences, feet and stays, which ensures public safety in hazardous working environments and provide a high security for equipment, materials and tools.

Customizing your crowd control construction barriers

TTFS can also custom-make construction fencing with various powder coated colours to suit you. With Site Shade we can also supply you with customised printed shade cloth to complement your crowd control barriers. This helps you promote your business and partners right on site.

Buying construction barriers instead of hiring

The construction industry spends millions of dollars on repetitive fence hire. If you regularly require barriers for your construction business, purchasing your own safe certified barriers through TTFS is the smarter option. Buying your own construction barricades instead of hiring saves you costs involved with delivery, administration and late fees – just to name a few. You can also have peace of mind that your equipment is ready whenever you need it, rather than waiting to see who has stock available.

TTFS is the leading manufacturer, stockist and supplier of all temporary fence products, across all Australian industry. Contact us for a fast and reliable service.

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