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The 5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For Event Managers


Social media has opened up entirely new communication avenues for event managers. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow event managers to engage with the public like never before.

Social media monitoring tools provide you with the means to track the effectiveness of your social media engagement. Here, we list our top five.

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1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools available. It covers sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Google+ and Foursquare. Hootsuite is comprised of a dashboard that collates all of your different social media platforms. From this central location, you can compose, publish, schedule and track posts across all of your accounts. A handy function is the ability to store FAQs to automatically respond to common questions. It also has a team management portal that allows you to remotely delegate tasks and send private messages to team members. Their pricing schemes range from free to corporate, depending on your needs.

2. SocialMention

SocialMention is a free tool that tracks mentions of your brand and event across a range of social media site and organises it into a coherent stream. This lets you know who is saying what about your event and where. All you need to do is go to their page, type in the name of your event or brand, and SocialMention will reveal your social media footprint. It might not be the most sophisticated tool, but it is effective.

3. HowSociable

This site lets you track the social media performance of both your and your competitors’ events. For every social media account you operate, they assign a ‘magnitude score’ up to ten that indicates how much activity your brand is generating on that platform. A score of zero indicates that you are making negligible impact, while ten represent you are trending. The free option allows you to track one brand over 12 platforms, but they have various pricing schemes that will let you check up to 100 brands over 36 networks.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is truly a one-stop shop when it comes to monitoring and maintaining your event’s social media presence. Their system compiles all of your communications into one ‘inbox’, allows you to program and manage publishing over a range of sites, lets you track keywords relating to your event and allows for the compilation of detailed analytics. They even offer a team management tool to help with allocating and managing tasks. They offer a 30-day free trial, after which there are monthly fee schemes.

5. Buffer

This program allows you to manage all of your social media posts centrally. Using Buffer you can schedule and synchronise your posts across several networks. Simply type any post into your Buffer account and it will post it simultaneously to all of your networks. Alternatively, you can ‘Add to Buffer’ and the program will post on your behalf when it judges it the most beneficial, such as times when the platform experiences the most ‘retweets’ or ‘likes’ of content. It also offers analytics so you can gauge whether your timing is spot on. For the basic level Buffer is free, but for the ‘awesome’ option it is still only ten dollars a month.

Our Top 10 Event Planning Websites To Check Out Now!



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Event planning is a fast paced and ever changing industry. Blogs are a great way to keep up to date with the most recent trends and technology as well as pick up some tips and tricks. Here we review some of our favourites.

1. Event Manager Blog


Founded in 2007 by industry speaker Julius Solaris, Event Management Blog is one of the most popular resources in the business. It is easy to follow and covers new technology, social media techniques and current industry trends and inspiration. It is also affiliated with a global LinkedIn group that encompasses 200,000 plus members worldwide.

2. Techsy Talk


Founded by technology-integrated event planner extraordinaire Liz King, Techsy Talk is at the cutting edge of event technology. Its vibrant website design and forward thinking content makes this the perfect inspiration for dynamic event planners.

3. Event Planning by Cvent


Event Planning is truly a site for the planning professional. While CVent is a software product for event planners, the writers that contribute to this blog are very knowledgeable about relevant technologies and social media. They also provide insight into current trends and offer practical time and cost saving advice. The world’s largest database for event venues is a convenient extra.

4. Flocktu


This Sydney-based events company offers highly relevant insights into both the local and international industry. With concise summaries of recent events and interviews with prominent event managers, this simple blog is easy to navigate.

5. Preston Bailey Blog


Avant-garde event and wedding planner Preston Bailey shares his ornate styling tips and inner thoughts in his blog. He also has some handy advice to do with the practicalities of billing clients and running a team. It is worth a look for the ornate flower decorations alone!

6. Brite Blog


The blog of international online ticketing platform Eventbrite, the Brite Blog boasts a team of enthusiastic contributors. It offers tips, tricks, updates on new technology, and interviews with ‘britelings’ and other experts. While some contributors have a tendency to promote their own apps and affiliated programs, they offer a wealth of industry knowledge.

7. Face2face


This blog for content producers, MeetingsNet, has been running strong for a decade. Covering events, hospitality, business travel, and much more, its prolific writer Sue Pelletier has a contagious passion for all things meeting related.

8. Event Juice


Event Juice is run by a young team with a passion for event management. While it is not the most prolific posters in this lineup, it offers invaluable advice into those starting out in the industry. Posts range from how to write case studies about your events to tips for interviewing prospective employees.

9. Grass Shack


This site offers podcasts and articles on the latest issues and developments in the industry. Grass Shack specialises in audio/visual and media, so it is no wonder it provides so much audio wealth. With 300 odd recordings, there are hours of inspiration available.

10. Polka Dot Bride


Written by a boutique wedding planner based in Perth, Polka Dot Bride has a knack for unique themes and intricate details. Full of lovely images and careful details, this blog gives style inspiration for more than just weddings.


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