A Must Read Guide for Managing the Security of Your Event


Creating an event takes planning, knowledge and time. It might be your child’s 5th birthday party or a large cultural street festival, either way you will need to ensure the event is safe and secure for your guests and the general public.

Security isn’t always on the agenda when we think about planning an event.  We tend to look after the things that the event revolves around such as the entertainment and catering factors, yet securing the event is safe is really the most important factor.

Should I hire crowd control or security?

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Chances are, if your event is a larger affair, you will require out sourced security. These are security officers trained in crowd assessment and control and can be invaluable at large gatherings. Most community based spaces such as halls, sports clubs, recreational reserves and schools require security to be hired for any event that involves a specific number of people. It is more and more common now for security to be hired for events such as milestone birthdays and family celebrations. Most local police stations recommend private security for events where numbers are higher and especially where alcohol is being served.

I’m throwing a sweet 16 party for my daughter at home, how can I make it safer?

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There are several ways to ensure your event at home is safe and secure for your guests and the surrounding neighbours. Making sure you report the party to the local police station is the first step. Most state police have Party Safe units set up including a registration service for parties occurring in their local areas. This means you have the backup of the local police at the ready should anything arise. Parties involving minors also carry the risk of alcohol related incidents. Check identification, confiscate alcohol from minors and ensure all young people at attending the party have provided parental contact details. Having an element of security, such as family friends, relations or even hired security will always be a deterrent to bad behaviour!

We are having a street fair in our area, what do I need for traffic and parking safety?

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Firstly make sure there are no specific council restrictions on parking around your event, if there are you may want to speak with council about permits for the day. If there aren’t then you can use a variety of tools to ensure safe parking and traffic management for your event. You must ensure safe entry and exit for emergency vehicles from the precinct; the use of fluorescent bollards for this is common practice as it is an instant and recognised alert that the area is to be kept clear. Crowd control barriers can be used to contain foot traffic and segregate thoroughfare areas to allow the flow of vehicle traffic or to ensure pathways are clearly defined for safe entry to rides or amusements.

And most importantly…

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The key to ensuring your event is kept secure is eliminating the risks before they become potential hazards. Making checklists and ensuring your staff or the helpers involved are aware of all of the measures put in place for hazard prevention and are ready to execute any emergency response plans put in place are really one of the most important things you can do, a secure event means an enjoyable time for all and less headaches for you!

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